How to automate database backup on Godaddy server

Spend 5 minutes configuring your host and get your first backup running right now!

Godaddy is a great place for starting a small simple project for yourselves. It has a lot of paid options to backup, but that's not something we want to do, right? We have 2 hands and we can definitely do it ourselves.

How to remove Customer information from Magento 1 CE

Remove your customer's date from your database for work on your localhost machine.

Simple Bitbucket Piplelines script

Use a quick script to get you up and running with Bitbucket Pipelines

Use bitbucket pipelines to move your project from Bitbucket to FTP server when you finally do a pull request from RELEASE to MASTER branch.

5 Great Tools For Web Developer To Figure Out DNS Issues

Navigating DNS entries in 2019 isn't easy, so here are some tools to use whenever you are having issues with your domain.

Get yourself up and running in just a few minutes - use 5 web tools to fix your DNS issues and keep your web server running smoothly.