Convert your 3-Pin PC Fan to USB Fan

Convert PC 2 Pin Fan to USB for your Topton, Zotax Zbox, Kingnovy Mini PC. Use what you have at home already and cool down your fanless mini-pc.

How much should you spend building eCommerce website?

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PREVIEW: Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ARE | 20VF0032US | Ryzen 7 4700U | DDR4 16GB | 512GB NVME | 14″ Touchscreen Notebook

Best laptop for beginner web developers, students and office workers. Tons of features, space for future upgrades and a great price make it a top choice for laptop buyers.

Bash script to kill Magento 2 indexing process after 2.5 hours

Run this bash script to stop Magento 2 indexing process from overrunning your server CPU and memory. This will kill the process, free up memory and CPU power.

NGINX: Bypassing web application redirect for Certbot validation

Quick snippet to avoid Certbot certificate renewal failure.

Magento 2 CLI and Linux commands used on daily basis

One big list of Magento 2 commands a web developer might use on the daily basis.

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