PREVIEW: Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ARE | 20VF0032US | Ryzen 7 4700U | DDR4 16GB | 512GB NVME | 14″ Touchscreen Notebook

Best laptop for beginner web developers, students and office workers. Tons of features, space for future upgrades and a great price make it a top choice for laptop buyers.

Bash script to kill Magento 2 indexing process after 2.5 hours

Run this bash script to stop Magento 2 indexing process from overrunning your server CPU and memory. This will kill the process, free up memory and CPU power.

NGINX: Bypassing web application redirect for Certbot validation

Quick snippet to avoid Certbot certificate renewal failure.

Magento 2 CLI and Linux commands used on daily basis

One big list of Magento 2 commands a web developer might use on the daily basis.

Custom Fonts In Emails? Use this!

Use custom fonts in your Mailchimp email campaigns, newsletters and transactional emails!

Frequently Used On-Page SEO tags

Here is a short list of meta tags you should use on your next web development project. This is the technical SEO you should use to started on the path to high ranking.

How to improve your online security

Secure you online activity by using these products while you browse the web.