Informational website for enterprise consulting firm specializing in employee engagement and business transformation.

Project Description:

Fresh Air Publishing has approached me again for bigger project. It was a redesign for website - a company that helps to transform businesses by engaging their employees and restructuring customer experiences.

I originally developed wireframes and planned out how the redesign will work (themes, plugins, structure). But, due to personal issues, I had to step away from this project and re-join it at a later stage.

When I re-joined, the website was already filled out with content and theme was mostly working. I have re-done some of the SEO structure, fixed performance issues, added security tweaks to wordpress configuration and moved the site to Cloudflare.

Main issue with this project was performance - with a pre-made theme you have to deal with issues that are baked into the theme. I had to undo all the bad practices that were in the theme which made the website 5-7 seconds faster.

Services Provided:

– Web development
– Planning
– WordPress security
– Website performance
– SEO structure

Technologies used:

– Javascript
– Jquery
– WordPress
– Cloudflare