E-commerce website selling Hungry Bin - the best home and commercial worm compost system available today!

Project Description:

I was approached to develop an E-commerce website selling Hungry Bin (worm composting bin). The website needed to have a multi-store design with different currencies, shipping and payment setups.

The purpose of the website is to promote and sell Hungry Bin composting system to potential customers.

The build required a lot of planning in terms of payment and shipment, because a large box had to be shipped to twelve provinces in Canada and fifty states in USA.

Services Provided:

The initial build required:

– Multi-country Magento store
– Mobile website design
– Graphic and logo design (I used a fantastic graphic designer Andrew Laing ( )
– Payment and shipping setup
– Email templates and signature design
– Email authentication

Timeline for this project was: 8 weeks.

Additional services included:

– Magento security patching and version upgrades
– Linux server management and upgrades
– Automated backups and replication
– Facebook page setup
– Facebook ad campaign setup and design
– Newsletter campaign setup and design

Technologies used:

– Magento 1.9 CE
– Javascript
– Jquery
– Cloudflare