Informational hotel website for located in Vancouver, BC

Project Description:

A client asked me to develop an informational website for their hotel service. Due to a smaller budget we decided to use Squareerspace platform to speed up the process of website development and ease website use for the owner.

The purpose of the website is to give enough information for hotel visitor to make a decision to contact the hotel. The build required some planning, but mostly was dependent on photography and content.

Services Provided:

The client didn’t have a lot of information for me to use to develop this website. So I had to improvise and take pictures of the location to create design for the website. It also required some logo design which I was able to put together for this client.

List of services:

– Web design
– Photography
– Logo design
– Email authentication
– Google business setup

Project timeline: 4 weeks.

Technologies used:

– Javascript